Passion, Obsession, Dedication


Francesco Pozzetti

Francesco Pozetti is on the far left. Photo taken at the Earquakes versus Galaxy game while sporting an Inter jersey.

The o at the end of Francesco (Fran-ches-co) does not just sound like any other o. It rolls off his tongue with the italian accent that chants Ole ole ole ole, Inter! Inter!

Francesco Pozzetti is a long way from home. The 18 year old Stanford Summer College student was surprised about the significant amount of people watching the World Cup in the Coffee House in Tresidder Union. Being nearly 9656 meters away from home, Pozzetti says, “Futbol is the home I can take with me anywhere.”

Therefore, on Tuesday morning when Italy suffered a loss to Uruguay, Pozzetti was amongst other Italians in disappointment. Yet, he was still found sitting in COHO supporting Greece in the match against Ivory Coast.  Now that his team is eliminated, he supports Colombia.

“I am always for the underdogs,” Pozzetti said. Despite the recent turmoil in Colombia, he believes that they can “overcome the challenges to win, because they are a good team.”

Pozzetti is not the fan to feel a huge heartache because Italy did not make it to the round of 16.

“When my heart beats once for Italy it beats 10 times for Inter Milan.”

Pozzetti traveled to Madrid in light of his die-hard obsession with the team to watch them in the European champions league with his father. The team did not play the championship game since 1965, so in 2010 when they played close to home, they seized the opportunity to watch them play, even though the ticket price was “outrageous.”

Before the age of 10, Pozzetti had already attended about four games, and attended many more in his teen years. He loses himself in the European crowd, chanting, praying, and feeling the game.

The reason that Pozzetti supports clubs more than he does national teams is expressed in his anti-support of FIFA, “The integrity of the game, I think is more in danger now and days… it’s 20 years that it is danger. We supporters of the game need to stand up against FIFA ang big sponsorships that just want to make money, because we people who love the game, regard it as a game.”

Pozzetti can list the history of coaches, players, and World Cups straight from memory. He can tell you about how Margaret Thatcher increased the futbol support. He can go into detail the struggle of Colombia, and the negative support for Iran. The violence involved with the futbol association. He can tell you the years teams have gone to championships or world cups. He knows the pivotal points of the game. The pivotal points of history. He feels the match from the players standpoint.

“It’s something I will never forget. I will one day share this with my nephews and/or sons, if I have any.”

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